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Exotics and Pocket Pets

When your non-human family members are such standard house pets as dogs and cats, it's not difficult to find competent veterinary care for them. But what do you do when you need an experienced veterinarian for your mouse, rabbit, parrot or another unusual specimen?

Here at Montrose Veterinary Clinic, we have the skills and experience to treat exotics and pocket pets with the same extraordinarily high-level quality care that we offer to canines and felines, making us the natural veterinary choice for your entire extended family.your veterinarian in montrose treats exotic pets

Special Needs of Less Common Pets

Exotics and pocket pets are two overlapping terms that describe animals outside the usual realm of dogs and cats. An exotic pet can be virtually any animal normally seen in the wild, instead of in someone's yard or home. A variety of mammals fit into this category, from hedgehogs and rabbits to squirrels and sugar gliders. Birds are another pet that can be considered exotic, even such highly trainable and sociable examples as parrots. Reptiles such as turtles, snakes, and lizards are yet more examples of exotic pets. Pocket pets are just what they sound like -- small animals that can easily be toted around in the hand or in a pocket.

Unfortunately, these special pets have their own specific needs. For instance:

- Sugar gliders require an extremely precise balance of calcium to phosphorus in their diets.

- Rabbits can be easily injured, necessitating great care in handling and enclosure selection.

- Birds can quickly become obese or malnourished if their meals consist mostly of seeds. Some species are also highly sensitive to even small changes in air quality.

Our Montrose Animal Hospital Can Help

Caring for an exotic or pocket pet can prove uniquely challenging, especially if you've never owned one before. That's why you should depend on the guidance and expertise at our Montrose animal hospital. Your veterinarian at our clinic can provide critical advice on enclosures, bedding, temperature ranges, dietary requirements, and all the other little details that go into keeping these animals well and comfortable.

Just as your dog or cat needs regular checkups, your exotics and pocket pets should receive periodic wellness evaluations. We can watch for telltale trouble signs, such as the ruffled feathers and respiratory symptoms that can indicate illness in birds, while also administering vaccinations, checking vital signs and providing a full range of general preventative care. If illness or injury strikes, our Montrose animal hospital is ready to come to the rescue. We can provide surgery, medications, special diets and any other necessary treatment measures to help your unusual pet return to a state of optimal health.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Exotics and Pocket Pets in Montrose!

Montrose Veterinary Clinic provides a free consultation for new patients, so don't be shy about bringing your collection of exotics and pocket pets to us. Call (713) 524-3814 today to schedule an appointment! We look forward to meeting with you!